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A Rose for My Sweetheart
It's February 13th, almost midnight. You're sitting in front of your computer, checking e-mail, when suddenly you realize tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Panic sets in. You forgot to get a card for your sweetheart. Of course, you could always send an on-line greeting, but that's not very original. You smile and decide to send your valentine a 3D rose.

Character Setup in XSI
Character Setup in XSI tutorial.

Creating Fire with Particles
A great use for Particle Systems is to create smoke and fire effects.

Introducing NURBS Surfaces
Introducing NURBS Surfaces - Part 1.

Modeling For Beginners
Tutorial that show you how to model objects fast and effeciently.

PolyMesh Modeling and Subdivision Overview Tutorial
This tutorial is intended for people who already have a working knowledge of XSI This tutorial works with SOFTIMAGE|XSI 1.5 and above, only.

Softimage's Surface Continuity Manager
Softimage's Surface Continuity Manager tutorials.

XSI - Smoke
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a simple smoke with XSI particles.

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