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Building A NURBS Hand
This tutorial was written with specific command references and screenshots from Rhino 3D, but the same steps can be followed in other NURBS modeling packages, if you don't mind using trims and blends in your characters.

Creating a Head In Rhino
In this tutorial you will model L'Arche de la Defense in Paris. You will draw simple 2D shapes, extrude them into 3D and combine them into one object.

Creating a scroll in Rhino 3D
This tutorial how to model a scroll in Rhino 3D using a freeform curve.

Full Body Morphing In Rhino
Full body morphing in Rhino tutorial.

Modeling Vegetation Tutorial
Modeling vegetation tutorial.

Rhino Revolve
The Revolve tool in Rhino is a fun tool to play with. To show an example of how easy it is to use we're going to create a simple goblet.

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