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Create custom progress bar using VB
Tutorial describes how to create lightweight customizable progress bar for your Visual Basic applications.

How to use FindFirstFile Win32 API from VB code
Tutorial describes how to find file and obtain extended file information using Win32 API functions: FindFirstFile, FindNextFile, FileTimeToLocalFileTime, FileTimeToSystemTime.

Tons Of VB Code And Programming Articles
Hundreds of free Visual Basic and VB.NET source code snippets, activeX controls, tutorials and articles covering both VB.NET code and VB6 code!

Visual Basic Code Snippets And Files
Windows operations, Internet, forms, graphics, string manipulation and more categories for Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre
Lots of tutorials and scripts for Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Explorer
Lots of tutorials, snippets and more to help you out with VB.

Visual Basic Tutorial
22 Tutorials for Visual Basic. Lessons like: introduction, building a Visual Basic application, writing the codes and of course more.

Visual Basic Tutorials
Collection of Visual Basic tutorials.

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