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Regular Expressions
PHP Programming - Introduction to regular expressions Part 1 - General Mechanics tutorial
Introduction to regular expressions Part 1 - General Mechanics
Anyone that has to do a large sum of unusual data manipulation will always choose to use regular expressions ('regex') over native functions because of one thing: power. In PHP the 'ereg_' functions are what utilize ERE POSIX, and the 'preg_' functions utilize PCRE. In this 'introduction to regular expressions' we'll assume no prior knowledge of regex, and will try to give you the most thorough explanation of this powerful tool as we can.

PHP Programming - Introduction to regular expressions Part 2 - ERE POSIX tutorial
Introduction to regular expressions Part 2 - ERE POSIX
This tutorial will continue where tutorial 'Part 1: General Mechanics' left off, and will dive into the world of ereg.

PHP Programming - Password Protection tutorial
Password Protection
Use this tutorial to get your files password protected.

PHP Programming - PHP Contact Form tutorial
PHP Contact Form
Need a contact form for you website. This will tutorial make it all a lot easier.

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Apache Tutorials - Installing and Running Apache
A collection of 14 tutorials on Apache and PHP installation and configuration covering: How to download and install Apache 2.x and PHP 5; How to start Apache server; How to publish HTML documents; How to set PATH variable for PHP; How to create php.ini; How to configure Apache to use PHP as CGI, etc.

Basic PHP
Displaying Information & Variables, IF Statements, Loops and Arrays, E-mail With PHP, PHP With Forms Final Notes

Build from scratch a complete members system
Great article to get a members system started for your new website.

Building An E-Commerce Site Part 1
Great tutorial on how to make a e-commerce website using PHP.
Building a Product Catalog

Building An E-Commerce Site Part 2
2nd part of a great tutorial on how to make a e-commerce website using PHP..
Managing Users with Sessions

Building An E-Commerce Site Part 3
3rd part of a great tutorial on how to make a e-commerce website using PHP.
Catalogs and Shopping Carts

How to Add Products in Magento
M-connect media, A Magento eCommerce agency providing how to add products in your magento store step-by-step with product images and tags. Magento is widely used CMS but many store owners facing difficulties in uploading products sucessfully. So, this tutorial will help you to upload your products in Magento store easily without any errors.

PHP Coding Tutorials
Collection of PHP tutorials.

PHP Introduction
A php tutorial that is aimed at people with little to no formal programming experience. It teaches the basics of programming as well as PHP specific items, such as processing HTML form data with PHP.

PHP Resources
Resources, tutorials and articles for PHP.

PHP Security: GET - include
You often find websites with serious but simple to fix security flaws. In this series we will talk about this. This time about GET - include problems.

PHP Security: SQL Injection
This tutorial will explain SQL Injection. A very common security flaw not much people take serious because its a little bit harder for a cracker to hack.

PHP Tutorials
2800+ tutorials and examples for PHP. Content management, cookies, credit cards, ctype, CURL, cybercash, databases, date time and much, much more..

PHP Tutorials -- PHP Freaks
PHP Tutorials for just about anything we can think of, even the basics!

SQL Server FAQs - PHP ODBC Functions - Connection
A collection of 14 FAQs on using PHP ODBC functions to connect to SQL Server databases. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on testing ODBC DSN settings; creating connection to a SQL Server through a DSN; executing SQL statements; looping through result set; Executing prepared statements.

The Webiste For PHP Scripts -- HotScripts.com
Lots of tutorials for PHP like: content management, form processing, counters and more. RECOMMENDED

Tutorial For PHP Programming
Learn about PHP, and how to execute scripts on your server.

Tutorials For PHP
Lots of helpfull tutorials for PHP.

Webmonkey - Installing PHP
A great and easy to use tutorial on how to install PHP.

Webmonkey - PHP From The Ground Up
A tutorial to teach you the basics of PHP. A great tutorial for you who have just started working with PHP!

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