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Finding Information On The Internet
Search strategies, explains search tools, and gives guidance on evaluating and citing web pages. Includes a glossary and tables comparing search tools.

How to Download PDF ebooks Free from Search Engines
When Surfing on Yahoo, many people struggle with finding free E-books. We share our experience for finding and downloading free PDF ebooks from PDF search engines.

Search Engine Colossus
Directory of hundreds of search engines, organised by country and topic. Really handy!

Search Engine Showdown
A guide to Web searching with features, comparative analysis, strategies, discussion, news and reviews.

Search Engine Watch
Tips about internet search engines and search engine submission.

Web Search Tutorial
This tutorial will help you get to know the various types of search tools available, and learn strategies for using them to search more effectively.

Web Searching
Looking for information on the Web? The sites listed below are some of the IPL's favorite general Internet search engines and catalogs. No search engine or catalog is comprehensive, so it's important to use a variety of tools.

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