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General DivX
DivX - Converting DVD to Divx tutorial
Converting DVD to Divx
How to convert DVD movies to DivX format with this step by step tutorial.

DivX - Converting VCD to DivX tutorial
Converting VCD to DivX
Converting a Video CD (VCD) to DivX. VCD's take up two 650MB CD-R's whereas DivX almost always use one CD-R.

Divx - Split DivX Movies tutorial
Split DivX Movies
Sometimes, the length of DivX movie is too large (CD does not hold large files). So, in order to copy such movie on CD1 and CD2 it's necessary to split the file.

More Tutorials:

Copy DVD's to DivX5 - Guide for 16:9 anamorphic movies
Find out how to rip your DVD's in a good quality. Requirements are a fast computer and a DVD player in your computer.

DivX Compression Tutorials
Two tutorial on how to compress DivX:
DivX Compression Tutorial - Using VirtualDub
DivX Compression Tutorial - Using Fx Joiner or Fx Splitter

DivX Player
Home of DivX and the DivX-player.

DivX Tutorial
Basic tutorial on how to rip and then create DivX.

Mpeg To DivX Tutorial
Easy to use tutorial on how to covert Mpeg to DivX.

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