Causes And Solutions Of Common EXE Errors

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When it comes to dealing with computer errors, PC owners have two choices, either to equip themselves with the knowledge to confront these errors, or to call on computer experts to help resolve their issues. Computer experts cost an average of $110 per visit. Then, there are other issues like loss of productivity while waiting for the expert to arrive and the chance that the error could recur in a few days. Taking these factors into consideration, when it comes to relying on a computer expert to resolve all your PC errors you may be facing a very expensive and frustrating experience.

This article will help PC users understand the causes and solutions of some of the most common computer errors known as EXE errors. EXE errors originate from problems with EXE files or files that are executable. Most of the software programs as well as applications in the operating system use EXE files to achieve their designated tasks or to run certain programs. Therefore, the number of exe files in a PC may well exceed a thousand. Due to the popularity of these files, the probability of these files developing an error also increases. The impact of EXE errors can be very severe. They may stop a program from running or may slow it down to a dismal speed. These errors may also prevent you from logging on and accessing your system.

Causes of Common EXE errors:

  1. Virus: Many viruses, such as aspimgr.exe and braviax.exe enter your computer and cause several problems. They may also make changes in the registry to make the resolution of the error difficult for a user. The reason why viruses are able to attack the exe files is that more than half of computer users either do not have virus protection or do not update their software to protect their computer from the latest viruses.

  2. Spyware: When you download a program or an application from an unreliable website, the probability of downloading and installing unknown exe files on your computer are very high. These files then attempt to sabotage your computer resources and cause errors in existing files.

  3. Conflict: Sometimes exe files of different genuine applications may conflict with each other and may lead to exe errors.

  4. Incorrect download and installation: There have been instances when a user downloads a broken, incomplete or corrupt file which may show EXE errors while installing. These instances usually occur due to a bad or slow internet connection.

Solutions of Common EXE errors:

  1. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware: All PC users must install good quality anti-virus as well as anti-spyware software to protect their computer from the latest viruses. These tools also allow you to fix aspimgr.exe problems and resolve other virus and spyware related issues. You must also update these tools frequently and run complete scans periodically to ensure protection.

  2. Use a good internet connection: Make sure all the files of the programs you download from the internet have been downloaded intact and there has been no corruption of any file during the process.

  3. Follow safe computing practices: Avoid accessing dubious websites and opening emails from unknown sources. This will not only help you prevent EXE errors but will protect you from other attacks from malware as well.

  4. Use a reliable Registry tool: A good registry cleaner tool will help you repair ccsvchst.exe as well as other common exe errors within a few minutes.

Times viewed: 35577   Rating: 6/10
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