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Advanced Miniature Painting
Once you get past the basic stuff, there's always something more waiting to be tried out. More challenging stuff for the psycho painter in all of us.

Basic Miniature Painting
This is intended to be a pretty thorough look at both basic and advanced painting techniques.

Miniature Painting 101
This is a very basic guide for miniature painters.

Miniature Painting Tutorials - GoldenDemon Paintshop
General Painting tips, Step by step illustrated guide, Improving a Basic painted model, Sculpting, Debris and Battlefield Rubbish, Buidling and Painting a Primarch.

Oil Painting Lesson
Classical oil painting: secrets of old matsers techique.

Oil Painting Tutorial
Oil painting demonstations of interest to beginners or advanced painters.

Painting Lesson
A simple tutorial that teaches you how to paint.

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