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Milkshape - Modelling A Car tutorial
Modelling A Car
Learn how to model a car in Milkshape.

Milkshape - Modelling A Gun tutorial
Modelling A Gun
Take a lesson on how to model a gun in Milkshape.

Milkshape - Skinning A RPG Building tutorial
Skinning A RPG Building
Build your own houses with milkshape and learn it by using this tutorial.

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3D Models
Some Great 3D Models Plugins and downloads

Tutorials, Models, Textures and more! RECOMMENDED

Create A Counter-Strike Model
A complete tutorial with 140 pages and 650 screenshots. Show how to model a girl from scratch using MilkShape 3D, optimizing the mesh, skeleton assignments, skinning the mesh in LithUnwrap/Unwrap3D and bringing the model into the game. Good luck with it :D!

Milkshape 3D Tutorial
This tutorial covers preparing the model, attaching skin, creating a skeleton and adding animations.

Milkshape For Beginners
Milkshape for bloody newbs ;). Easy to use tutorial to help you get started.

Milkshape Tutorial
This tutorial will not teach you to model, skin, animate or anything else except compiling your models.

Milkshape Tutorial - Creating a Hollow Hull
This is an example of how you might create an empty hull in Milkshape 3D.

Viewpoint Experience Technology Exporter
A tutorial on: Viewpoint Experience Technology Exporter.

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